2007-07-25 / Editorials

Leaves An Out

To The Editor:

In commuting Scooter Libby's jail sentence, perhaps President [George W.] Bush has outfoxed everyone. If he had pardoned Libby, the case would have been closed completely, with no legal opening to review the Jesuitical and vindictive actions of prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Commuting the jail sentence leaves the case open to appeals that could overturn everything: guilt, fine, etc.

There are strong reasons why an appeals court will reverse the conviction. One Fitzgerald knew the unique fact justifying the investigation before he even began the investigation. Armitage leaked Valerie Plame's I.D. There was no need to investigate. Fitzgerald gamed the system to get a scalp. An appeals court will reverse the conviction, nullify the grounds for the trial and hopefully deliver Fitzgerald the rebuke his perverted prosecution deserves.

In commuting Libby's sentence, and not pardoning, President Bush did the right thing. Here's hoping Libby will pursue the matter to a just conclusion, complete vindication, and not let it lie.
Very truly yours,
Al Volpe

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