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We Salute Our 25 Years Together

A lot happens in 25 years. A child born in 1982, the year this newspaper first made its appearance, graduated from college in 2004. In the world of the students in the class of 2004, who graduated and embarked upon their adult lives and careers in the ensuing three years, the president of the United States has always broadcast a weekly radio address on Saturday morning. ATM machines have always been part of their environment. Cable television has always been available and offered 'round-the-clock coverage of congress, public affairs, weather reports, and rock videos. There is no such thing as "Wite-Out" in their lives. In 1982, according to the New York Times, the fad of "the boom in video games" had come to an end.

The Times pronouncement demonstrates that for the most part, newspapers should refrain from making predictions. We have always found this much the wiser course, so we will not try to predict what the next 25 years of this newspaper's existence will bring. Instead, as you, the readers will see in these pages, we will look back at some of the events and people we have covered in the 25 years since we first made our appearance. We will also express our thanks for the support we have received from our readers, advertisers and even the subjects of our stories.

We begin the celebrations that mark this, our 25th year of publishing the Gazette, by expressing our heartfelt thanks to all of those who have supported us from Day One to the present - our readers, our advertisers, all our and their employees, some of whom have been with us for most of these 25 years, elected officials, the civic associations, the community at large and everyone else involved in making these 25 great years of publishing a weekly newspaper possible. We started in January 1982 as an eight-page weekly. Here we are, more than 25 years later, with a 208-page edition, making us the largest Queens community weekly in the history of this county.

From the beginning, we have tried to focus on good news, rather than bad. We have celebrated the lives of individual members of the communities we serve as we expanded from the localized neighborhoods of Astoria and Long Island City to cover almost all of Queens County- one life, one birth, one death at a time. We have tried to present news that is important to us as members of the borough of Queens. We use the word "members" deliberately because we see ourselves as members of a huge, diverse family- a family that includes all two million residents of this exciting and colorful county. In the more than 9,300 days and 1,300 issues since the Gazette's inception, we have tried to represent what we believe is the truly great American experience of being a Queens resident.

Like any family, Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in the United States, has its problems. These are far outweighed by the pleasures and privileges that come with living here. Some of the greatest restaurants, the greatest theater companies, the greatest musical organizations, the most productive and prolific artists and writers to be found anywhere proudly call this borough their home. They all imbue this county- and this paper, which reports their doings- with the greatest energy to be found anywhere in the planet. Queens is jumping from one end to the other, from Astoria and Long Island City to Bayside and Fresh Meadows, from the shores of Flushing Bay to the scattered islands and marshes of Gateway National Park off Jamaica, and we are proud to say we are there to cover it all.

All of us, with our myriad ethnic roots, came here from somewhere else originally, yet we all call this borough home as we struggle to fulfill the American Dream. The Gazette endeavors on a weekly basis to share all the trials, tribulations, joys and raptures of the individuals that, taken together, make up the family of the people of Queens. We count it a privilege to share their lives.

As we enter our second quarter-century, we shout from the rooftops, for all of us, "Onward and Upward!" as we anticipate sharing the next 25 years with our extended family together.

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