2007-02-07 / Editorials

CB 11 Chair Leaves Post

To The Editor:

Approximately five years ago my colleagues elected me chair of Community Board 11. Due to term limits, on March 5, I will serve in that capacity for the last time.

When I first got elected, I did not fully comprehend the significance of this position and the impact one could make from it for our community. As time passed, I grew into the position and was able to participate in and contribute to virtually every major issue facing Northeast Queens. I may not have solved all our problems, but it was with all sincerity, the best of intentions and respect for our community and our residents, that I, to the best of my ability, approached this position and addressed these issues. In so doing, I was able to work with many dedicated and talented elected officials, one of the finest community board staffs in the entire City of New York, and fellow community board members, who were always professional, pleasant, diligent and passionate about their responsibilities as [board] members and our community. That is why I always tried my best to protect them from political interference, and preserve the character, integrity and independence of community boards overall.

It was truly an honor and a privilege for me to serve as chair of Community Board 11, and to work with so many wonderful people. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping me throughout my tenure as chair.

My late Dad taught me that it was our civic responsibility as Americans to use our God-given talents for the greater collective community good. I like to think I did that. I strongly urge others to get involved and undertake a rewarding life of public community participation. I do not know what God has in store for me next, but I pray that I am able to continue to speak out on important issues, assist our community in whatever way I can, and be granted the privilege, honor and strength to continue to matter.
God Bless You,
Jerry Iannece
Community Board 11

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