2006-11-22 / Features

NYC Students Can Get Cellphone Waiver

Officials at the city Department of Education (DOE) have established a process whereby students with medical problems can apply for approval to take their cellphones to school.

A prior medical exemption provision allowed students to bring cell phones to school, but prohibited them from using or carrying the phones from class to class.

Under the revised provision, students must have a doctor fill out a form describing their condition and explaining why they need to carry a cellphone during school hours.

It is then up to the school principal to approve the student's request to carry the cellphone.

Students who are granted approval will be issued a pass to bring the cellphone to school, but must agree to surrender it inside the school building, DOE officials said.

Parents and students interested in obtaining a waiver should request information from their school guidance counselor or the school principal.-Liz Goff

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