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Top Cops: Be Careful When Shooting Subway Flashers


Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly recently issued a statement warning straphangers to use extreme caution when trying to catch subway flashers on cell phone cameras. Kelly acknowledged that such photos have assisted investigators in bringing the flashers to justice-but warned those snapping the sickos to consider they may be putting themselves in danger by doing so.

Kelly reminded the sharpshooters to think about how the flasher might react when he realizes he's been caught in the act.

The city's top cop released his statement days after the victim of a serial subway flasher caught the pervert's picture on a camera phone.

The same individual who exposed himself to a 15-year-old in March is alleged to have flashed a second woman on the same No. 7 line on May 5. Both times the pervert's victims snapped cell phone pictures of him.

Cops released both images to the press, asking for the public's help in catching the serial flasher.

Police said the latest victim, a 22- year-old Queens woman, was riding the No. 7 with a friend and her mother when she spotted the pervert-exposed and peering at her over his sunglasses.

When the woman snapped photos of him, the man tried to cover his face with an Archie comic book, police said. After she was certain she had a clear photo, the woman tried to embarrass the man by shouting to other straphangers that he was exposing himself, police said. The man quickly exited the train.

Police sources said it appears the two victims caught the same man in the act.

Queens NYPD Transit officials repeated Kelly's warning, advising amateur cell phone photographers to be careful when facing criminals.

"Think about what you're doing before you take any such photo," the officials said. "It's a great investigative tool, but you have to consider the consequences before you act."

Anyone with information on the No. 7 line flasher is asked to call the Crimestoppers Hotline at 1-800-577- TIPS.

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