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Consistently Delivers
To The Editor:

On Election Day, we will have a lot of choices to make. I would hope that voters in the 11th Senate district of Northeast Queens will remember to pull the lever for our Senator, Frank Padavan, when they are in the voting booth making their selections for the various offices. Senator Padavan is an exceptional and consistent leader and spokesperson for our community and he deserves our continued support.

Over the years, I have contacted Senator Padavan dozens of times regarding various issues. I always receive a response from him. Sometimes, that response takes the form of a letter to a state or city official or agency requesting that my concerns be addressed. And results do follow!

I know from the various civic, preservation and community groups that I am involved with that Senator Padavan can always be counted on for support and advice. He is a visible presence at many community meetings, functions and events constantly working for us and hearing our problems and concerns and doing something about them.

Senator Padavan has advocated for and secured much needed funding for our schools and various community agencies and organizations throughout his district. He works to pass legislation that fights crime, creates jobs and addresses the needs of our senior citizens.

He is a leader in protecting our environment. As one example, Environmental Advocates of New York cited Senator Padavan as one of 14 New York state senators who have shown exceptional leadership by sponsoring four extremely important environmental "Super Bills" in the state senate.

Senator Padavan demonstrates his independent point of view on issues that sometimes leaders of his own party do not support. In Albany, he fights for all of us.

I could go on and on listing his accomplishments, but I think most people are familiar with how much the senator has done over his long tenure in office. It is obvious that he has delivered for us and will continue to do so if he is re-elected. Henry Euler Bayside

No Super Corridors To The Editor:

What is "Free Trade"? Free trade is the exchange of goods and services without the control or support of government. It is the commercial arrangement between parties for mutual benefit. NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] is anything but free trade; it is government mass control.

"Free Trade" agreements have cost American jobs and sovereignty to be diminished. Particularly disturbing is the NASCO (North America's Super Corridor Coalition, Inc.) a Web site which graphically portrays the so called NAFTA super highways. This is NAFTA in turbo drive.

The NAFTA super highway will create "secured" trade corridors running through Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. The first customs checkpoint would be in Kansas City (1,00 miles from our southern border).

We cannot secure our present borders, never mind trade corridors running through the length of our country.

Congress has designated 80 such corridors.

Our porous borders are leaking tons of drugs a day. Weapons and terrorists can enter unchecked. Contraband or terrorists can be diverted at any point along these "secured" trade corridors.

Property rights would be affected as these immense corridors are developed with billions of taxpayers' dollars.

Ask your congressman where he got the authority to designate "High Priority Corridors" in the first place. Write your congressman. Sincerely, Vytautas Vileniskis Fresh Meadows

It's Time To Leave To The Editor:

As a long-time pacifist, perhaps longer than most peaceniks, I made an exception in the Iraqi war. I felt we were justified in invading that country, because it might lead us to the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center; and also find out what Hussein had up his sleeves. But our FBI and CIA had it wrong, they had gathered erroneous information and got us into a situation which proved to be disastrous.

But if we had to do it all over again with the same set of circumstances, I certainly would concur. After all, every country functions on information gathered by so-called specialists.

President [George W.] Bush met with his top war commanders and national security advisers the other day to review Iraqi strategy, and concluded that he will stay the course. Which means in plain English that there will be more bloodshed and the loss of lives.

The Iraqi people have been unwilling or unable to secure any semblance of peace. There are too many hostile factions, each vying for dominance. In fact, the violence has increased. If we leave now, there will only be more chaos and perhaps lead to a civil war. But if the Iraqi people want to shed more blood, no power on earth can prevent it.

We've helped them long enough. We've exhausted our patience. I think we have overstayed our presence. And the peacemarchers have nothing to do with it. I'm not influenced by them or anyone else. As hard as it is for me to say this, our mission is over. Due to lack of cooperation, we have not able to accomplish our goal.

We have nothing to be ashamed of. We've paid a heavy price to bring peace to that region. Wise men have said, and it is so true today, that if the road has proven hazardous, seek another.

We can hold our head high. We went in with good intentions. Who can fault anyone who honestly believed that he was on the right road? Sincerely, John Favicchio Flushing

COLA is Flat To The Editor:

I am dismayed upon hearing the announcement of the COLA 3.3 percent raise for the Social Security recipients, which will become effective in January of 2007. The COLA does not reflect the actual inflation and increase in payment for rent, food, medication, clothing and other services that senior citizens and disabled Social Security recipients have to pay during the year. People who collect Social Security must often pay more than others for special equipment, helpers, medications, special vitamin supplements, food, transportation, etc.

In view of the fact that taxi fare is increasing and senior citizens are taxi users, more money will be spent out of the pockets of these senior citizens. Medicare Part D is increasing, as well to $99 which will be deducted from the Social Security checks, and thus, in essence, the 3.3 percent COLA really means nothing. I suggest that the overall rate of inflation should be considered when calculating the Social Security COLA increase. This is the right thing to do.

In addition, I agree with the City Council on having hearings to prohibit the use of aluminum bats in playing the baseball games in our schools. Precious lives have been taken and ruined, such as the 12-year-old boy who landed in a coma when hit in the chest [by a ball hit by] an aluminum bat. The old fashioned wooden baseball bats are sufficient, safer and also money saving. Cynthia Groopman Long Island City

Global Warming To The Editor:

We seem to hear a lot about the dangers of global warming.

Dr. Richard Lindzen is perhaps the nation's most prominent authority in the field of atmospheric science. A professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], he refuses to go along with the many who insist that human beings are causing global warming. He will admit the existence of some evidence that the Earth is warming, but he says very emphatically, "We don't know why".

Unlike Al Gore, and many other non-scientists who pose as highly qualified authorities on the topic, Dr. Lindzen calmly states, "We do not understand the natural internal variability of climate change." To buttress his opinion and to discount Mr. Gore's recent book and movie, Professor Lindzen notes that the Arctic was as warm or warmer in 1940, that the Greenland ice sheet is actually growing, and that some of the Alpine glaciers are now advancing again.

The testimony of this world-class meteorological expert isn't welcomed by those who seek draconian government controls over industry and private auto use in order to combat a problem that, if indeed it does exist, exists naturally and will disappear just as naturally. Very truly yours, Janet McCarthy Flushing

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