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Maloney Backs Lung Test For First Responders

Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, who has been in the forefront of urging better health care for Ground Zero workers, called again on Monday for federal health officials to screen 40,000 of them for a deadly lung disease.

Maloney (D-Queens/Manhattan) was among several New York officials who called for testing after a Daily News editorial said that a $150 test might have revealed lung damage sustained by many Ground zero workers shortly after 9/11.

Maloney was quoted as saying, "The lung exam is a prime example of the medical care that could have been given to all 9/11 heroes, had the federal government not run away from the growing crisis."

The lawmaker added that the federal government "should be bending over backward to have everyone who was near Ground Zero take this simple test." Nolan Hails Victory In Rent Case

Assemblymember Catherine Nolan (D-Ridgewood) extended congratulations on Monday to a Woodside constituent for his successful challenge in a housing case.

At a meeting in her Woodside office, the veteran lawmaker praised Gabriel Rivas on his twoyear fight against rent overcharges for the rent-stabilized apartment he shares with his wife and daughter.

Assisted by Nolan, the Catholic Migration Office and attorney Robert McCreanor, Rivas won a favorable decision which included a 50 percent reduction in rent and also payment for damages. Council Funds Sports & Arts In Schools

City Councilmember David Weprin joined yesterday with 126 children at a summer camp program at P.S. 46 in Bayside, funded by the council, for an annual end-of-summer awards presentation.

Weprin (D-Hollis), council Finance Committee chairman, helped make possible the summer program at P.S. 46 and at schools throughout the city by restoring $1.6 million to the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation budget. An additional $500,000 was used to support the citywide Middle School Fitness League, the Winter Festival and the free summer camps program. Weprin also contributed $10,000 from his discretionary funds to the foundation.

FDNY Issues Bedbug Gasoline Warning

Queens fire officials are warning residents: don't use gasoline or gasoline products if the bedbugs bite.

FDNYofficials said residents at four buildings in Corona and Astoria called 911 over the past few months, after they smelled gasoline coming from adjacent apartments. Firefighters responding to the calls found that residents had poured gasoline on mattresses to kill bedbugs and had even wiped the flammable liquid on their arms and their children's arms to stop the bugs from biting them.

The incidents prompted FDNY officials to issue a stern warning about possibly fatal consequences that could result from the practice.

Fire sources said gasoline is a highly explosive compound that "could ignite and pop" from something as simple as flicking a light switch."

Fire officials are advising residents to notify their landlords or seek help from professional exterminators to rid their apartments of bedbugs or other insects or rodents.

Queens residents are urged to call 311 for assistance from the city Health Department, fire officials said.-Liz Goff

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