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Avenue Caf

The bustling nightlife scene in Queens is always alive, and with the coming of the warm weather, the nightlife blossoms. From cafés to clubs, Queens offers residents as well as visitors an unforgettable night on the town. Let's take a look...

The night scene at 30th Avenue and 35th Street in Astoria is very much alive, with Avenue Café attracting customers of a variety of ages. Opened approximately three years ago, Avenue was one of the originals that began the revival of 30th Avenue in Astoria. Today, Avenue targets not only the young, teenage night scene habitus, but also a somewhat older crowd that enjoys mixing with younger people for a night out.

The café recently underwent a month-long renovation. Avenue's interior glows with warm shades of yellow and orange lighting that complement the tan

and brown fixtures and present an autumn-like, temperate feel. Lighting in general is a significant element in design throughout the café. The result is a tranquil atmosphere that can be enjoyed at any time, day or night. Along with the handful of flat screen televisions inside the café that broadcast sports, Avenue can be spotted because of its unique big-screen TV atop its front entrance outside.

Photos Dianna Sanders Photos Dianna Sanders Avenue's Greek owners, while maintaining close ties to their roots, welcome different cultures through Greek, Italian, American pop and trance music, a variety uncommon in cafés of its kind.

Avenue's menu is largely European, mainly because of their famous frappes, but also because of their choice of food. The Lountz-Halloumi sandwich, a smoked loin of pork with goat cheese on koulouri bread with salad is great for lunch. The café's most popular choice of desert, large waffles and sweet crepes with Nutella chocolate spread and choices of fruit are a must-try. The savory crepes are also popular.

Outside seating at Avenue Café is especially crowded and the interior on a weekend night moderately so. The café's bar and somewhat more secluded back elevated area seem more calm and quiet, offering customers a contrast in atmosphere. Avenue Café brings its own essence to bustling 30th Avenue.

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