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Meat Under Glass To The Editor:

About 6 years ago, when I first learned of the concept of in-vitro meat from a friend and fellow vegetarian, my initial reaction was revulsion. As a registered nurse/health advocate and vegetarian for many years, I could not imagine promoting a product I associated with pain, disease, and pollution.

After learning more about the process, though, I now believe that this technology has the potential to spare the suffering of tens of billions of animals per year and, at the same time, improve human health and reduce insult to the environment.

The technology involves painlessly taking a few cells from a live animal and putting them in a nutritious medium in which they will divide. Theoretically, a few cells can feed an entire nation.

I don't think, in a climate of paranoia about mad cow and avian flu, it's any accident that invitro meat has been in the news recently.

Using this technology, a pure product minus hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and pesticide residues would be created. In addition, since it would be produced in a completely controlled environment, there would be no mad cow disease, avian flu, salmonella, e-coli, and other fleshborne diseases in the meat.

Aside from having a profound impact on tens of billions of animals' lives, the product would be healthier than factory-farmed meat. Moreover, the impact on the environment would be minimal compared to that caused by the huge amounts of waste and pollution generated by agribusiness.

Naturally, I wish the whole world would become vegan overnight. Since this is not likely to happen, I find myself surer that supporting this technology is essential. To learn more about invitro meat, visit New-Harvest.org, or visit my Web site at Rrrina.com. Sincerely, Rina Deych, R.N. Brooklyn

ACLU Is Mistaken

A copy of the following letter to the executive director of the ACLU was received by the Gazette. Dear Mr. Anthony J. Romero:

You are as guilty of prejudging Judge Alito as you are of our president. How can you possibly give an honest evaluation of President Bush if you have been anti-Bush for years? It’s like asking Osama bin Laden to give an honest appraisal of our way of life.

And I’ll cite two glaring examples: the Patriot Act and wiretapping. You are more concerned with protecting the privacy of an individual than the safety of our country. If I were wiretapped, as an innocent person, I’d have nothing to fear. What was actually lost? A little privacy. Is that such a big deal? But our country remains safe, in spite of a little mistake. Is your organization perfect?

C’mon, with our borders inviting every shady character under the sun, the enemy might be living on your block. Yes, we must be forever vigil[ant] without undergoing a severe mental disorder.

Put your country first and the individual’s rights secondary. There are many laws protecting its citizens. We are not living in a tyrannical state. Apparently I have more confidence in our country than you do. Sincerely, John Carno P.S. I was once a member until I saw the light.

No Place For Politics To The Editor:

I found it extremely appalling how some of our political leaders past and present took the time to speak ill at Coretta Scott King’s funeral about President George W. Bush.

I especially take issue with former President Jimmy Carter who took a swipe at Bush for authorizing wiretaps. I thought he had more class.

It seems there were those there that did speak [who] used that opportunity to enhance their own political agendas [when] it should have been a time to remember Mrs. King’s contribution to the Civil Rights movement and how she tried to keep the dream alive that Martin Luther King Jr. had envisioned and who worked to eradicate injustice.

It was not the place nor the time to air political differences. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I think by doing what they did was not quite appropriate and was a disgrace and did dishonor the memory of Coretta Scott King who was a person of grace and compassion.

Here is something to think about: a person goes to a funeral has maybe some ill feeling toward a person or a relative at the funeral, yet the concern is about the one who has passed on and generally would not think of speaking badly about that person, for that would be considered not cool and quite disrespectful to that person’s memory. It seems to me that those who engaged in Bush bashing need to be educated in the proper way to behave at a funeral and to realize there are other forums in which they can air their concerns and a funeral is not one of those forums. Sincerely Yours, Frederick R. Bedell Jr. Bellerose History Will Honor Bush To the Editor:

You have had many letters, one who frequently writes in from the “poor and downtrodden” regions of Long Island, who lament many a subject from the plight of the poor to the state of the nation. I usually remain silent, [be]cause in “tolerant” NYC, my opinions are met with hostility and in one case the keying of my car for supporting the president. One of the last letters written went on [at] some length of how the State of the Union Speech, given by President [George W.] Bush, not bearing on reality to the nation that exists. Certainly to people like the letter writer, the America that’s seen is vastly different from the America I know and see.

The moral and ethical foundations, which were in a downward spiral in the 1990s, as the then White House under Clinton shamed the office, and made the “label “MADE IN CHINA” commonplace, was the beginning of the problems we face still today and only the tip of the iceberg. It appears that people who complain about the health of the economy, an economy that survived the blows of 9/11 and the stopping of oil in Iraq, forgot the navigation that has brought us back in a few years to a lower unemployment rate, and a Commander In Chief who doesn't act like a rock star in office.

There is lamenting of future generations paying for “deficits”, and a polarization by some, however, these same people do nothing else but play “class warfare.” These folks seem intelligent and know full well that tax cuts also benefit the large middle class, and that the genuine poor don't pay taxes, as well as the “rich”. I grew up poor and understand how the “class warfare”, as practiced by some, brought us “great” leaders like Gov. Mario Cuomo and Mayor David Dinkins who had a higher murder rate than the entire Iraq War dead every year. Taxes high with deteriorating services. The American dream had become a nightmare in NYC, till Mayor [Rudolph] Giuliani and to some extent Gov. [George] Pataki turned it around.

On a national level, the legacy left by President [Jimmy] Carter in four short years, long gas lines, hostages in Iran, Communists in Central America, took most of the Reagan/Bush years to clean most of it up. It caused a great deal of danger and angst we could have avoided had Carter acted. However, Iran and its Islamic fascist legacy remained intact and flourished, [be]cause we had the Cold War to contend and they were fighting each other for 10 years in Iran/Iraq, till 1991. This could have been stopped in the 1990s, with the Cold War “Dividend” savings. However, under the Democratic Party leadership, the floodgates were opened to social programs as our military, intelligence and security [were] left in shambles. Throughout the 1990s, abandoning our moderate Muslim allies in Afghan[istan], which led to the Taliban rise, and the first W[orld] T[rade] C[enter] attack in 1993. Throughout the decade, the attacks were treated as a “crime” problem. The enemy recognized this and acted accordingly, hundreds dead worldwide, a “preemptive” strike in the former Yugoslavia, which had nothing to do with our security, certainly did not endear [us to] the Muslims we were helping. Finally, the shameful way the Democrats put the nation through re-counting and hanging chads, made us a laughing stock and delayed the new president from taking office. This, in hindsight, was crucial time lost in that the 9/11 hijackers, here for years, prepared to inflict the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor.

Still, I had hoped after 9/11, that the “Old” Democrats, the party I used to belong to, would rise above partisanship and rally behind the nation. Sadly, this was extremely short-lived. Never in my wildest nightmare, would I believed the onslaught of multimillion dollar “documentaries”, artists and members in what had been “loyal” opposition to deteriorate into the language and actions of the enemy. The avalanche of venom and pure hatred, not directed at the enemy, but, at the president and his supporters. In a few scant months after 9/11, not far from Ground Zero, rallies held with posters advocating the arrest of the president and even murder of members of the Republican Party, were shocking as they were infuriating. These same people call what they do “criticism” and have the audacity to say their “patriotism” is questioned, while saying those who support the president are Nazis, and the president is Hitler. Throughout this no criticism, NOT one rally against Osama [Bin Laden] and those involved in 9/11. The removal of Saddam [Hussein], who continually threatened our coalition forces about to go sanction-less, was not advocated and his removal denounced as having nothing to do with 9/11. The terrorists seem not to have listened since we have been fighting them there and have successfully liberated 50 million people in the middle of a region where people would still behead cartoonists and treat woman as property. Still, the venom and hatred is saved for the few nations and the president, who kept his promise, to go after the people who did 9/11 and would do us harm and he would not stop till they understood the USA would never again allow such an attack without retaliation.

One writer finally writes, that we could have avoided this conflict. This we can agree on, for the reasons I gave above in the 1990s. Even in 1979, had the then president not allowed the hostage taking none of this would have ever happened. In any event, no matter the blame, we are here now, in the battle for our lives, and for Western Civilization. As recent events have shown, the enemy is not only in one place, and we shouldn’t wait for other 9/11s to attack, or another Pearl Harbor, or if your enemy is ready with their W[eapon of] M[ass] D[estruction] or “Secret Weapon”. Yes, there is a world out there weary and frightened by the “altered” USA. Those frightened are the enemy, and those weary are people like me, of the critics and haters of the president who offer no solution only venom. I lost six people at the WTC, and have someone very close and three friends in both Afghan and Iraq right now, all are on a mission of freedom and justified and I am proud of them. Perhaps it’s the critics who should look at what they have done to harm or help the effort in the last four years. In my view all they have done is make a difficult situation far worse for what I thought was the one side, the USA’s. I'll never forget that day when the president stood in the rubble of the smoldering WTC and his words of consolation, and his promise to go on. What some call stubborn, I call respect. President Bush is a good man, and he will be absolved by history. Frank Kastanis Long Island City

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