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Welcoming Home The Troops

Soldiers returning from the United States’ battle against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan were welcomed home at Fort Totten, Bayside, by state Senator Frank Padavan as part of a “Welcome Home, Warrior Citizen” award ceremony. The soldiers, who willingly answered their country’s call to war shown with Padavan (kneeling, in civilian clothes) are members of the 140th Quartermaster Company (140th QM CO), based at Fort Totten. The 140th QM CO supports combat units in the field, supplying them with quarters, such as tents and other portable housing units, food, clothing, ammunition and other necessities any military unit must have when going into a combat situation. The 140th was activated on Feb. 7, 2003 and was sent to Kuwait, where it maintained the support operations that are its raison d’etre. The unit was moved into Iraq on July 4 and provided support for more than 5,000 soldiers. Most of the unit’s support operations assisted the Fourth Infantry Division. The members of the 140th QM CO were rotated back to the United States and their home base at Fort Totten after more than two years in the field. Padavan was the keynote speaker at the Welcome Home, Warrior Citizen ceremony, where he expressed the thanks of all grateful citizens for their loyal service to their fellow soldiers and their country.

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