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C Note Is Entertainment Mogul’s Newest Project

By Diana Sanders

American pop culture has drifted away from bubble-gum pop tunes and artists dancing and lip-synching cheesy love songs while young girls scream and cry, wasting allowance money on magazines and CDs. ‘NSYNC sang “Bye, bye, bye” and the music market agreed, changing course to different tastes. But history has been known to repeat itself, with modifications, of course. The years of the boy bands are far from over.

Lou Pearlman, owner of Trans Continental Talent, the man behind the success of the Backstreet Boys and, later ‘NSYNC, has set out to change the music industry once again. With the rise of Spanish based music hitting mainstream airways, Pearlman launched another branch of his entertainment company, creating Trans Continental Latino, and signed its first artists. This time however, it was not an “All-American boy band,” rather, an American and Latin boy band combined.

The new band, named C Note, released their debut album titled “WEPA” on October 25. It includes up-tempo pop tunes combined with Latin rhythms in songs such as “Baja Party” and Let’s Go”. Their single, WEPA, is available by request on local radio stations. The song is actually the “most played” on KLLE in Fresno, California. They can also be heard on the soundtrack of the movie “Popstar” with a song titled, “Forgive Me.”

Orlando Torres, Vincent Pesante, Joshua Correa, Raul Molina and David Perez are the five soulful males who combine to make C Note. They have been together now for a little over seven months. In their late teens and early 20s, from Spanish backgrounds ranging from Puerto Rico to Cuban, C Note intends to “speak the voice of the generation of young Latin Americans throughout the world.” While the members of the group have been brought together from Florida and parts of New York, Vincent, otherwise known as “V,” is Queens born and raised. He attended Fiorello LaGuardia H.S., studying music and starring in theatrical performances in community theaters. These performances, he feels, have helped prepare him in many ways. “The experience just builds and builds. It prepared me to feel comfortable on stage,” he declared. Now he has moved from the school talent show stage to international arenas.

Just back from Puerto Rico where they spent some time on their promotional tour, the tight-knit boys are getting a bit of a break from the critical scheduling of TV and radio interviews, practices, and performances. “The scheduling murdered us,” said David, also noting their previous Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles visits. Yet, even with tight schedules and hardly any sleep, each of the members has his own favorite aspect of stardom. Orlando likes traveling all over the world, Raul enjoys the creative process of taking a song from scratch, recording, choreographing and performing, while Josh finds great joy in simply hearing C Note on the radio. David, on the other hand, anticipates performing live. “There are not a lot of jobs that give instant gratification. We can sing for the fans live and see how they react to it,” he says. Vincent adds, “To make music, and have people sing along to the lyrics is great,” calling to mind the John Mayer Live CD.

The group’s success is escalating with their oversees promotional tour. Pearlman also launched the careers of the Backtreet Boys abroad in Europe, where they ended up becoming a massive success, selling more than 65 million units worldwide. In turn, C Note’s appreciation for Pearlman and their knowledge of his past work is indeed gratifying. “Who better to have on your side?” Raul stated, adding, “It’s like a new rapper going to work with Dr. Dre.” C Note was actually the creation of Raul and David who found the other three boys. And although Pearlman is the man in charge, the group has been granted creative freedom to shape themselves in their own desired image. They also write all their songs. “Who better to tell our story than us?” Raul asked.

And while C Note can be compared to Menundo, a Spanish group of young boys whose oldest member included Ricky Martin, or even any one of the boy bands, David feels, “It’s easy for people to categorize, but the public will make their own opinion.” The group, in fact, declared their respect for the ‘90s boy bands such as the Backstreet Boys, ‘NSYNC and New Edition stating, “You’ve got to appreciate music for what it is, the talent and the art. Backstreet and ‘NSYNC added a lot to the music world.”

“Every genre has its legendary musicians,” Vincent added, further mentioning the group’s inspirations, which have included Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight and New Edition. As for the future, they have hopes for making movies, having huge tours and collaborating with many artists. “I think Kanye West’s musical knowledge would create a great hip hop track and put us on a nice level,” Vincent said. Raul also sees a collaboration with Shakira, the Latin bombshell whose belly dancing skills and unique style have put her high on the charts. “The bilingual aspect would make a great mix,” he said. Indeed, C Note’s bilingual aspect might be just their golden ticket to superstardom.

Feedback has been nothing but supportive, which all the group’s members are very proud of. “We’ve got nothing but positive energy, and that’s all we need,” Vincent said. Support from friends and loved ones will be needed more when the boys tour the United States in December. So far, only Ivy Queen and C Note have been confirmed for the tour, but confirmations are still pending.

More information and the schedule for upcoming performances can be found on the official Web site for C Note, www.cnoteonline.com. The site is updated regularly and will soon feature a message board and a diary of the group so fans can interact on a personal level.

With an international tour, a new debut CD, worldwide interviews and an official Web site, it has been a hectic, overwhelming seven months for C Note. But with all that talent and Pearlman on their side, this is just the beginning for C Note. The members know that quick success does not happen every day, and are grateful for the opportunity and exposure. Vincent advises aspiring performers, “Be true to yourself. Don’t let anyone else hurt your dreams, your drive and your dedication.” We couldn’t say it better.

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