2005-08-17 / Editorials

George E. Pataki, Hail And Farewell

The announcement July 27 by Governor George Pataki that he would not seek a fourth term next year, thus ending his tenure as the state’s chief executive, caps his long and distinguished career as an excellent public official.

His steady and even temper and agreeable demeanor would appear to qualify him superbly for a diplomatic assignment from President George W. Bush. Whatever the future may hold for him on the state, national or international level, we wish him well.

Fittingly, his gubernatorial tenure ends in a year marked by several notable achievements in Albany. The governor played a leading role in the passage of several legislative reforms. Pataki also took the lead in reining in the excessive costs of the Medicaid program. At the same time, he set in motion actions for the expected expansion of senior retirement facilities.

Pataki must also be recognized for his leadership in the recovery from the infamous 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. He led the effort to build a fitting replacement for the Twin Towers, to secure our fair share of funding from Washington and to otherwise rebuild the Downtown area, notably the extensive Fulton Street mass transportation facilities and the new link to John F. Kennedy International airport from Downtown Manhattan.

Pataki never lost his enthusiasm for an efficient government in Albany and was ever mindful of his obligation to treat every area of the state and every citizen of the state with fairness, justice and compassion. We wish him a full life and continued success in whatever path he chooses to follow.

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