2005-08-03 / Features

BigBellies™ Digest Trash On Steinway Street

Photo Marge Fasano
Photo Marge Fasano Five large, green trash receptacles developed by Seahorse Power Company and known as “BigBellies™” arrived on Steinway Street last week. The solar-powered receptacles compact the garbage deposited in them and are equipped with a sensor that “knows” automatically when the trash inside must be compacted.

The BigBelly™8-to-1 compaction ratio is estimated to mean more room for garbage, less frequent pickups and fewer garbage bags waiting for pickup on Steinway Street. “The five BigBellies™ were installed on heavily traveled intersections of Steinway Street as well as by the subway station to maximize their effectiveness,” Marie Torniali, Steinway Street Business Improvement District executive director, said.

“We are delighted to receive the BigBellies™ here on Steinway Street,” added Julian Wager, Steinway Street BID president. “Not only will they make the street cleaner, but they also accent the benefits of the use of solar power.”

Admiring one of the five BigBellies™ that arrived on Steinway Street last week (l. to r.) are: Patrick De Simone of Atlantic Maintenance, with which the Steinway Street BID contracts for sanitation services, Julian Wager, Steinway Street BID president, Richard Kennelley, Seahorse Power Company sales and marketing, Marie Torniali, Steinway BID executive director, and members of the Atlantic Maintenance crew.

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