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Got Church Info Wrong To The Editor:

An article on page 42 of the Daily News of March 27, 2005, “It’s an ‘inside job’ at holy site,” by Matthew Kalman, stated: “The Holy Sepulchre is jealously managed primarily by three competing and often feuding Christian denominations—the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church and Armenian Orthodox Church, [Wajeeh] Nusibeh’s family has helped keep the peace between them as custodian and doorkeeper since Caliph Omar Ibn Kattab first conquered Jerusalem for the Muslims in 638.”

I’m not a theologian, but I can point out a few errors in this article.

Error No. 1: The Holy Sepulchre is not managed jointly by the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church and the Armenian Orthodox Church, it is under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, established in 55 A.D.

Error No. 2: To eliminate any Christian disputes, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem approximately 400 years ago gave chapels to the Ethiopian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox and Roman Catholic faiths inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Muslim family designated caretaker was chosen by the Patriarch so that a non-Christian in possession of the calendars of the individual denominations would unlock the doors only at the proper day and time for a particular denomination to hold its own church service.

In the future, to acquire information about the Orthodox Christian Church (Eastern or Coptic), the Daily News should contact the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, 10 East 79th St., New York, N.Y. 10021, tel. 212-570-3500 (Archbishop Demetrios).


Athan John Christodoulou

Chairman, U.S. 2020 Census Hellenic Steering Committee of N.Y. State

Grammar Is Important

To the Editor:

Chancellor Joel Klein spoke before a standing room only audience of concerned parents and teachers at the United Community Civic Association's monthly meeting on Thursday, April 7. While many agree that he faces a monumental job, overseeing 1,100 schools, 11,000 educators and 1,000,000 students, I don't believe he has all of his priorities straight.

When asked why grammar is not taught in the city's schools, he replied that there are other subjects equally important. That is not an acceptable answer.

I attended public schools in Queens, as did my two children. In 1957, when I attended I.S. 10, a social studies teacher, astounded that our class had never been taught grammar, set aside time at the beginning of each class to teach us the basics of grammar. If he hadn't done that, I never would have learned how to construct a sentence. Neither of my children were ever taught grammar in school. I taught them.

I currently attend Queens College at night. I am angered at the inability of some of my classmates to construct a simple sentence. The ability to communicate clearly is the most important lesson to be learned in school. Yes, science and math are also important, but communication is paramount.

Ann Soukeras

East Elmhurst

UN Wants Our Real Estate

To The Editor:

If a foreign power demanded control of the sea, its wealth and navigation rights, we would go to war rather than comply.

Why, then, would we sign over our freedom of the sea to the corrupt scum at the UN by signing onto their Law of the Sea Treaty as President [George W.] Bush seems determined to do?

The looting rampage of their own cafeteria a few years ago shows the avaricious mindset of these thieves on the East River. They are accountable to no authority but are a law unto themselves without chance at appeal.

By labeling our real estate a “World Heritage Site”; the UN now claims the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall and other national treasures that we thought were ours.

Now they want control of the sea, [and] the earth’s surface. This would give the UN independent financial power to tyrannize the globe with regulations. The U.S. would gain nothing and lose liberty.

Our Senate must answer with a resounding no; and we must terminate our membership with the would be planetary masters. [Go to] getusout.org for God and country.

Lawrence Burke


Pope Lives On

To The Editor:

I deeply appreciate the many tributes that the Gazette has published about the Pope. He was a truly inspirational, caring, and compassionate man, and a person of extreme peace and brotherhood. He has set a firm foundation for all to follow and has woven a tapestry of love, where all faiths and races and nations are bonded together in eternal love.

The Pope has been a part of our lives, and we should make him an honorary New Yorker.

Thank you, Gazette, for writing and for sharing the many tributes.

In writing, I would also like to commend Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. for caring so deeply for younger people and for senior citizens, through his scholarship fund and his tireless dedication to advocating for the needs of our senior citizens. He has spoken and reassured our senior citizens about their meals-on-wheels and their senior citizen centers. He is a comfort to these two very important segments of our Queens population.

A man of loyalty, and deep caring, Mr. Vallone Jr. really fulfills the precepts to honor the elderly and to nurture the young.

I appreciate that the Gazette has shown us how our compassionate councilmember has done so much for us.

Again, thanks to theGazette.

Cynthia Groopman

Long Island City

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