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Get Out Of UN

To The Editor:

Let me express my concern regarding the growing power of the UN [United Nations]. It was sold to us as a forum to prevent war, yet we now have UNICEF [United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund] directing our educational system, WTO [World Trade Organization] running our trade, the World Bank spending our money, treaties directed at our families, our environment, our court system, and on and on.

Our independence as a nation is being swallowed up by international bureaucrats that hate us and our culture.

Our laws are being changed to conform to international ideals, communistic in nature.

Such a sellout of our Constitutional system is an illegal act by everyone who votes against his [her] oath of office.

Ending our membership and financial support for the UN is a MUST if we are to save our nation.


Michael Mullaney


Truth, Then Compromise

To The Editor:

The Democrats seem at a loss to understand the success of the Republicans. President Bush’s directness provides the answer if the Democrats would listen. The strength of the Republican Party arises from the American desire to hear it as it is. The Republicans were out of the majority for so long they evolved speech that was straightforward and not subject to interpretation.

The American personality for bluntness was clear from our beginnings. One colonial flag had a coiled rattlesnake bearing the slogan. “Don’t tread on me!” The American rattlesnake defined the spirit of the new nation. The viper gives fair warning, telling antagonists to back away, but once engaged is aggressive and fearless. Americans may not want a fight but once committed, only victory is acceptable while we call upon God for support in what is deemed the work of the Lord.

It is strange for the Party of Roosevelt’s New Deal which supported freedom marches that led to civil rights reforms to have grown shallow and cowardly. The Democratic Party is so busy trying to define itself that it cannot figure out what it stands for and what it will never accept. The success of Governor Howard Dean in reaching millions during his presidential run and currently by gaining the support of the party faithful to head the DNC confirms that the membership is hungry for a leader who knows what he believes with no excuses.

Our system of government works best when the parties are forced to compromise. The friction of competing ideals forges legislation and programs that reward the nation. The Republican stranglehold on the federal government prevents bipartisan agreements resulting in filibusters by the minority and abuses of power by the dominant party. Entrenched, the Republicans can be accused of serving the narrow interests of their supporters while some of their leaders have come to believe that ethical violations can only be committed by members of the other party.

Historically the voters of this nation seemed aware that the two-party system benefited them. The lack of Democratic Party chutzpah has turned the voters off thereby empowering extremists who diminish our democracy.

Edward Horn

Baldwin, New York

MTA, Meals-On-Wheels

To The Editor:

I am appalled upon hearing two incidents that occurred in our city.

Firstly, the unsafe conditions of our subways and the elimination of token booths have caused more crime in our subways and in elevators in the subway environmental area.

People do not have to fear for their lives or personal safety. The very fact that token booths were eliminated and that in three years all of them will no longer be around in our subways, makes me cringe. The news that a blind woman was raped in a subway elevator is very disturbing. We are all given the right to safety.

Safety must not be compromised at the penny-wise and pound-foolish ideas of our current mayor.

In addition, another issue that is going to the fore soon is the threat to eliminate the daily fresh Meals-On-Wheels for our homebound senior citizens and to give them frozen meals that are made in another state and shipped to them all at one time. This is awful and eliminates the personal contact with the Meals-On-Wheels people who visit the homebound every day and in a way may be their only link to them. In addition, many homebound seniors cannot warm these meals due to disability and frozen meals lose nutrition.

I applaud the Gazette for publishing such informative and positive articles. Kudos, to the Gazette.

Cynthia Groopman

Long Island City

Library Week

To The Editor:

April 10 - 16 is National Library Week. It is an appropriate time to talk about what libraries mean to the Queens community and what you can expect from your public library in the near future.

Queens Library is on track to circulate more than 18 million items this year, in spite of shorter hours and several years of curtailed funding. That is more than any library in the U.S. has ever done. It is an indication of how important public libraries are to this community.

People in Queens want their children to be educated. They want to be informed. They want to do business efficiently. They want to know about health and exercise, parenting, sports, music and to read the latest novels. They rely on their public library to provide all this and more. And they know that their local branch of the Queens Library is the best deal in town.

Queens Library is pleased to announce some wonderful, new services about to be introduced. When the newly expanded Corona Branch opens on May 5, it will incorporate technology that will revolutionize the way you use your library.

Checking materials in and out will be handled by RFID Quick Service Stations. It's something like EZPass for the library. You won't be standing on line with an armload of books; just stack up to 16 items on a pad, dip your library card, and you're on your way.

We're also adding wireless network access at 14 libraries that will inaugurate that service this month, so you can bring your laptop to the library, get on the Internet, and access our electronic resources as well.

Digital e-books are already a reality. You can download up to three books at a time to read or listen to, and not have to worry about due dates or return trips to the library.

[But] it's not all about technology. We're enhancing classic library services, too. Look for the latest in leisure reading, the most authoritative reference information online and in print, knowledgeable information professionals to help you, free programs that inform and entertain.

Queens Library hopes to see you at one of our 63 locations in the very near future.

Thomas W. Galante

Interim Library Director,

Queens Library Jamaica

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