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U.S. Is Hypocritical

To The Editor:

Putin for Russia has determined that democracy must be defined as befits the nation he leads. Putin’s recent acts to limit free speech and private ownership would never be accepted in the U.S. We are fortunate to have a democratic history supported by an independent judiciary which guarantees individual rights. Russia is a slave to its past and to the ethnic, religious and cultural extremes of its citizens.

The autocratic moves witnessed in Russia are unfortunate but not unexpected. Changing the rules that govern a society normally results in shifting moralities until a middle ground is found. It is for the governed to determine what works best. It would be foolhardy to attempt imprinting one nation onto another.

Comprehending and accepting the facts though does not mean that the U.S. should stand idly by while rights of the individual are trampled on. The U.S. has a proud history of protecting the less fortunate. We believe in the rule of law and reject bending the rules to enrich those in power. America is a fair-minded nation bound together by laws universally applied. Russia’s abuses smack us as unfair, indecent and calculated to enrich those in power at the expense of the weak. It is a form of mob justice which, by its very nature, is anti-democratic.

The U.S. cannot claim the moral high ground due to our own unilateralism pursued in recent years. The invasion of Iraq is no longer the issue. Rather, by rejecting world opinion we set the tone that Russia will rely upon to justify its actions. Russia has the right to consider U.S. condemnations as meaningless. It is hypocrisy to demand standards of behavior which we excuse ourselves from.

Edward Horn

Baldwin, New York


To The Editor:

While our nation is caught up in presidential politics, hardly anything is being said about the FTAA, which is the progressive extension of the NAFTA. Millions of Americans are still collecting unemployment checks, but they can’t and won’t last forever. Under NAFTA, major chunks of our technological manufacturing sectors left the country. Why? Cheaper labor costs in various Third World nations. Please note that many of these countries are recipients of U.S. foreign aid; a.k.a.; our taxes. Plus, they are also subsidized via the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Guess who pays for this international farce? We, via our own taxes, are forced to subsidize the deindustrialization of our own country and standard of living! All of this is highly profitable for international businesses and bankers but deadly for middle-class Americans. The American Dream is being decimated by three so-called Free Trade treaties. To add insult to injury, NAFTA’s governors have overruled our Congress and courts! Yes, NAFTA’s "dictocrats" can and do tell us what we can and can’t do. Please note that if the FTAA is passed, it will broadly increase the powers of foreign bureaucrats over us. Additionally, it contains provisions to eliminate all borders throughout North and South America. Our current illegal immigration problem will seem like the good old days as hordes inundate our borders thinking they’ve reached the Promised Land, only to find it lying prostrate, barely breathing. Justice Joseph Story, one of the greatest authorities on the Constitution stated, “A treaty to change the organization of the government, would be void because it would destroy what it was designed merely to fulfill, the will of the people.” Our senators and congressmen take an oath of office to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution, not to trade it away, piece by piece. We must demand that our Congress stop these insane and fatal treaties. Please contact www.stoptheftaa.org and find out how you can stop this destruction of the greatest nation on earth.

A Concerned American

Frank S. Ferrari


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