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Italian Christmas

To The Editor:

I pick up the Gazette whenever or wherever I see it. The Dec. 16, 2004 issue was a treasure to me—the Legend of La Befana was a delight. I knew about the legend but you gave us the complete story. Thank you very much for it and I hope it comes to the attention of other readers.

I will continue to look for the Gazette .

Yours truly

Rose M. Pace

Middle Village

P.S. “Christmas In Italy” was a bonus.

Give Blood, Give Life

To The Editor:

It is the time for giving and there is always the need to donate blood. Since life is so precious and priceless and accidents, disease and sudden need for blood occurs any time during the year, it is necessary to donate blood.

Blood donations are safe and there is no fear of pain, getting blood-borne diseases, etc. To save a life according to religious tradition is the biggest commandment and fulfillment of God’s blessings. In this time of caring, good will, giving and love, let us roll up our sleeves and donate the life force of all, precious healthy blood.

Cynthia Groopman

Long Island City

The Constitution

To The Editor:

With each bizarre decision of our Supreme Court, it seems someone wants to amend our Constitution, even though the defect is not in the Constitution but with the court.

Antithetically, it is encouraging to see Congress invoking [Constitution] Art. III, Sec. 2, which removes jurisdiction from the court on any issue by a simple majority vote, checking judicial tyranny.

This was the method of reining in the Supreme Court intended by our founders and decisions regarding flag burning, bussing, abortion, sodomy, etc. could be overturned without dangerous alterations to the Constitution.

Our liberty depends on restraint of our government which has grown into a bureaucratic, socialist monster. Of course, if we could only get Congress itself to abide by the Constitution, we could restore our republic and our freedoms.

For God and country,

Lawrence Burke

Roslyn, New York

Street Renaming

To The Editor:

We renamed a street intersection in Woodside for Richard Trupkin, and a traffic island on Queens Boulevard for Joe Sabba.

Neither Rich Trupkin nor Joe Sabba lived in Woodside, but in gratitude for a lifetime of leadership and service to our communities, we named an intersection and a park for them.

We did likewise for Woodsiders Ed Fowley, Rita Brady and Kevin Mahon, all giants in our communities. Thanks for a lifetime.

After 9/11, Community Board 2 named intersections and areas for victims of 9/11, some hero firefighters, hero cops. Perhaps one or two simply victims, in the World Trade Towers at the wrong time. Most lived in Community Board 2, some did not.

Because of the horror of 9/11, Community Board 2 saw fit to rename intersections for hero–victims of a single terrorist action.

Frank Carvill dedicated 16 years, his major life’s work, to Woodside’s EIIC, The Emerald Isle Immigration Center, which he helped found. He also volunteered for and served in the National Guard for 20 years, was sent to Iraq and was killed by the same terrorism which killed the victims of 9/11.

Frank Carvill is a true hero for Woodside and Community Board 2. He dedicated a life of leadership here and was killed because of 9/11.

Woodside Avenue and 59th Street should be renamed for our latest hero, Frank Carvill.

Al Volpe


FTAA Needs Closer Look

To The Editor:

Although Dick Cheney claims that on November 2 America gave President [George W.] Bush a mandate to implement his agenda for our nation’s future, it certainly wasn’t a blank check. Moreover, the administration’s vision for a badly misnamed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) [agreement] was barely even explained to voters.

Secretary of State Colin Powell told business leaders in Sao Paolo, Brazil that the U.S. was firmly committed to seeing this pan-American free trade deal take affect early next year. But is this what Americans really want?

Negotiations for an FTAA [agreement] were actually launched at the 1994 Miami Summit of the Americas by the Clinton Administration. The announced intent was to expand the NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] into a hemispheric-wide, free-trade zone. But the architects of this proposal have revealed that they are seeking much more than economic integration of this hemisphere. Indeed, they seek political integration with a new layer of supra-government modeled after the European Union [EU].

In their 1994 study entitled Western Hemisphere Economic Integration, published by the Institute of International Economics, Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey Schott were candid about the ultimate aims of this drive:

“[T]he more countries that participate in integration and the wider its scope, the greater the need for some institutional mechanism to administer the arrangements and to resolve the inevitable disputes, and the stronger the cause for a common legal framework. The European Commission, Council, Parliament and Court of Justice have many of the powers of comparable institutions in federal states,” the report noted approvingly before commenting, “on this subject we score Europe with a 5 [on a scale of 0 to 5].”

Americans had better not go down the EU road without a lot more explanations than we have been given. It’s time to tell Congress to reject any agreement for an FTAA. To find out more or become involved, visit www.stoptheftaa.org.


Frank S. Ferrari


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