2004-12-30 / Editorials

New Year Brings New Hopes

  • This week we celebrate the end of an old year and the start of a new one. As is the case every December 31 and January 1, the New Year brings us hope, renewal and the promise that better times are ahead. The first of January is widely considered to be the day when the slate is wiped clean and we start fresh. Inspired by the potential inherent in the future, many of us resolve to begin anew to work toward developing better habits and attitudes, having, we hope, learned from our mistakes. On New Year’s Day, there is a tendency to consider all our past transgressions somehow to be excused, if not forgiven.
  • The true miracle of the New Year is that we feel somehow empowered with whatever it takes to bring about whatever it is that we desire or determine we need to accomplish. We feel energized, our batteries miraculously recharged. Even more than spring, New Year’s Day, falling in the dead of winter though it does, is the harbinger of new life, second chances and open doors to fresh possibilities. Even as we reflect on the events of the 12 months just past and our part in the year gone by, whatever it might have been, we are keenly aware that we stand on the threshold of a new tomorrow waiting to be explored.

    Like everyone else, we found 2004 a year with both high and low points. We acknowledge that the occasional valleys have their uses—they made us appreciate the peaks even more. Those stretches of the road with neither peak nor valley served a purpose, too, allowing us to pause and catch our breath. Our opinions, we’re sure, are shared by many.

    This newly minted year of 2005 will have peaks, valleys and smooth stretches, too, and we appreciate them all. This, indeed, is our New Year’s wish for our readers and ourselves—to treat the highs, the lows and the uneventful patches with equanimity.

    May the peaks be higher, the valleys shallower and the smooth places in the road welcome respites that refresh and recharge us and energize us to scale new heights. May we all enjoy all the things we hope for in 2005.

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