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Good Start To Holidays

To The Editor:

I think that it is an excellent idea to place surveillance cameras in public schools throughout our city.

This would be necessary to prevent crime, disorder, vandalism and [provide] help in times of emergency and terrorism.

I thoroughly support [City Councilmember] Peter Vallone Jr. in his advocating this wonderful idea.

I am also happy that the Port Authority will give New York City a large sum of money to pay for renting or leasing out the land of the airports. We need the money and it is an excellent idea. These are two positive issues to think about as we enter the month of December and the holiday season.

Cynthia Groopman

Long Island City

Drink Responsibly

To The Editor:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of drunk-driving deaths has decreased by more than a third since 1982. Further, a recent nationwide poll conducted by Data Development Corporation shows that virtually all American adults believe designated drivers have been a factor in these declines and they believe it’s the right thing to do.

We at Anheuser-Busch Sales and Service of New York, Inc., distributor of Anheuser-Busch products want to say “thank you” to the 122 million Americans who have used or been designated drivers. Not only have they helped save lives, they’ve shown that they care about their friends, family, and our community.

One way we’re saying thank you is by offering designated drivers an opportunity to win valuable prizes at at www.designated driver.com where adults can learn more about the importance of designated driver programs and send an electronic thank-you card to their favorite designted driver.

Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers are working hard to be part of the solution to drunk driving. Just like air bags, anti-lock brakes, and seat belts, let’s all make the designated driver a standard feature in our car when we go out with friends this holiday season, because responsibility matters.


C.A. Verdon

Consumer Awareness &

Education Coordinator

Anheuser-Busch Sales &

Service of New York, Inc.

Faith Still Appropriate

To The Editor:

’Tis the season to be jolly and, perhaps due to political correctness, to feel a little awkward.

Is it politically incorrect to wish a Jewish person “Merry Christmas” as well as “Happy Chanukah?” Or to wish a Christian “Merry Chanukah” as well as “Happy Christmas?” Is “Happy Kwanzaa” reserved only for African Americans or can the philosophical propositions underlying all of the various celebrations inspire and uplift as well as offer some moral guidance to us all?

There are some who would ban expressions and displays that remind us of the “faith” that inspired our Founding Fathers; witness the ban of reading the Declaration of Independence in some schools because it mentions God, the removal of the Ten Commandments from public buildings, restrictions on prayers at graduation, sports and other public events, the banning of Menorahs and Nativity scenes in public forums.

During the recent election campaign, politicians and voters who disclosed and expressed their religious beliefs, were and continue to be, lampooned and disparaged.

Those who affirm that marriage is a union of a man and a woman are called intolerant homophobes, those who teach abstinence are called closed-minded oppressors, and those who oppose abortion are mean-spirited religious zealots.

The animosity and vitriol directed at people who profess a faith and strong beliefs, regardless of political affiliation, is astounding and somewhat frightening. Persons leading the attacks might well be advised to consider the Christopher Society’s motto…”It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

I am willing to bet a dollar, on which is printed “In God We Trust”, that faith in something larger and greater than themselves imbued our Founding Fathers with humility, humbleness and sense of purpose that has served to guide our nation’s destiny for more than 200 years. Maybe, just maybe, our “spirituality”, if not our “religiosity”, has contributed to our success as the most productive and most powerful nation in the world.

I think we have much to fear from those who denigrate our history and traditions of spirituality, attack those who pray a little longer and sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” more enthusiastically.

Whatever your faith, beliefs, party affiliation and zodiac sign, enjoy and share the gifts bestowed upon you this blessed season.

Ed Konecnik


Call For Action On Blvd.

To The Editor:

With your help we presented our Congressman Anthony Weiner’s office with 4,000 signatures requesting the re-engineering of Queens Boulevard, known throughout the United States as the “Boulevard of Death.”

To date, and still counting, Queens Boulevard has killed 85 people instantly and injured over 25, 000 people over a ten-year span How many have died from their injuries is unknown. How many have been paralyzed or crippled or in wheelchairs is unknown. Every day the figure of the people injured increases.

Our Congressman Anthony Weiner is one of two New York State Congressmen on the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation Committee. He votes on billions of dollars for highways and roads all over the United States. But he has not produced any positive results as our representative regarding Queens Boulevard since the “gerrymandering” of his presence in Queens from Brooklyn a few years ago.

By the way, he is most generous with money to improve the environment, such as salt marshes, pool studies, golf and tennis facilities, marinas and a facelift for a park, as well as a recent request for $15 million for a ferry service. According to Weiner’s own press releases on the Internet, these monies amounted to $60 million or more. According to our own studies, no one has died in the salt marshes or on golf [courses] and tennis courts because of “out of control traffic problems.”

We, the people of the County of Queens, must continue to request from our elected officials, no matter what position they hold, to help re-engineer Queens Boulevard. Manhattan does not have a “Boulevard of Death”, neither does any other borough. Why should Queens?

Join Us! We need your support and that of your family and friends.


Estelle and Norbert Chwat

Forest Hills Action League

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