2004-09-09 / Political Page

Labor Of Love

Assemblymember Brian McLaughlin toured the newly completed St. Thomas More Church, the first-ever free standing church on the campus of St. John's University (SJU). Over thirty different labor organizations participated in the construction project made possible by a grant from the family of a victim of 9/11. McLaughlin thanked the many workers involved and the university for its longstanding commitment to organized labor. Photographed in front of a mosaic wall depicting the Virgin Mary, McLaughlin said: "How fitting that the generosity of a family struck by tragedy can help to build a place of comfort and solace. We stand in awe at this magnificent work of art which reminds us of personal loss and giving. And I'm not surprised to learn that for the countless workers who labored here, this was not just a construction site, it was a labor of love."

Pictured: Andrew Tortora, representing Sheet Metal Workers' International Association, Local 28; Zac Winbush, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Local 1; Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Facilities and Construction at SJU Sal Ciampo; Assemblymember Brian McLaughlin; Director of Government Relations at SJU Brian Browne and Sal Antanucci, Carpenters' Union, Local 45.

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