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Mind Your Own Business!

To The Editor:

We see the government involving itself more and more in health care, cost of drugs, senior citizen concerns and a whole lot more. 

Where in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize our government to be involving itself with these issues? The answer is that it doesn’t! Washington, D.C. should not be regulating, setting prices or anything else to do with health.

Health management is not the proper role of government. These people in Washington cannot even balance a checkbook, and now they want to regulate our health care? Perish [the thought] and [God] forbid!

Citizens ought to write their representatives and tell them to keep their hands off anything that has to do with our health. In other words to mind their own business Socialist countries like Russia, China, Cuba have wreaked havoc on their people by letting bureaucrats destroy health care. We should not follow their lead and be victimized,

A good place to start looking into this matter is the New American Magazine at www.thenewamerican.com.


Frank St. George

East Rockaway

MTA Wastes $

To The Editor:

We have seen over the years how the MTA spends their money. Terrible! Take for instance the newly renovated Main Street station. Maybe 50 percent of the time one of the escalators doesn’t escalate. I can put up with the times it doesn’t work going down. Now as you descend into the station it is common practice to bring an umbrella. There are more leaks in the ceiling, giving the perception that you are in the Amazon. As you go through the turnstiles one wonders which train will be leaving next. There is no sign designation until you go out on the platform and look down 500 feet. The new bathrooms are horrendous. There is more waste and stench than the Flushing River. Let someone who is handicapped try to take the elevator that can take [only] four people at a time. I’m willing to bet that a person can walk up the hardly operational escalator faster than it takes the elevator.

You would think that the tens of millions of dollars could be spent better. The trains, these silver hummingbirds that took over [for] the more spacious Redbirds, were another mistake.

We the people of this country have bigger assets than where they were manufactured.

There is no need to buy a newspaper when taking the train. You can always find a loose paper in every language littering the seats.

Randy Savitt


Terrorism Within

To The Editor:

The economy is surely rebounding, and the stockmarket has responded feverishly.

The proactive strategy on terrorism has worked like a charm; the conspicuous absence of mainland terrorist attacks is a manifestation of these policies.

We have, for the first time, taken legislative steps towards buoying our Medicare system.

Yet, Democrats search for areas of imperfection to exploit through a liberal media. The question is this: Are the Democrats terrorists? Terrorists hurt innocent people to further their subjective cause(s). Is there any difference between the two?

Happy Holidays America!


Gregorio Macaluso

White Plains

Get To Root Of Problem

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

City Hall

New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

Since my wife fell on a raised sidewalk a couple of years ago and dislocated the fingers in her right hand I have campaigned to have dangerously raised sidewalks due to tree roots repaired.

I just received a call from a member of my civic association who wants to repair his sidewalk but the Forestry Department, which must shave the raised roots, says it has no openings until next March. Isn’t this a foolish saving of money? Why not hire more workers or contract it out to a private firm. It costs $70 to get a city permit to repair a sidewalk so the city will not lose money if it hires more workers.

City Comptroller William Thompson, Jr. has complained about the high cost of lawsuits against the city due to people falling on raised sidewalk slabs. It would save money and suffering if you could work out this problem before next spring.

Bob Harris, President

West Cunningham Park Civic

Association Inc.,

Fresh Meadows

Save VA Hospitals

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter expressing my indignation and outrage upon hearing about the proposed closing of VA hospitals in our area.

To me, this will be an arbitrary and capricious act, and a cruel act as well.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when the budget has to be balanced upon the backs of the veterans. These brave men and women risked their lives and suffered injuries mentally and physically in order to save the world from tyranny.

Why must veterans be made to be victims of the budgetary ax, when we are spending billions of dollars fighting distant wars? We would need more veterans’ services due to the war. We cannot sit idly by and see services being cut. We can all make a difference by calling our federal officials, by signing petitions, lobbying, demonstrating, e-mailing and writing letters. We have the power within us to prevent this terrible act from happening.

Cynthia Groopman

Long Island City

Hails President’s Flight

To The Editor:

This is in regard to President George W. Bush’s surprise visit to our troops in Iraq. I say bravo Mr. President, [for] a job well done!

I would like to commend our president for going there to be with our men and women who are serving our country in this most dangerous place and who are dying for our country to bring peace and freedom to the Iraqi people.

President Bush’s secret mission was put forward because our president really cares for our service men and women. His courageous and tenacious efforts must truly be applauded. But what really got to me was watching him on TV actually helping serve Thanksgiving dinner to our men and women. He was scooping out potatoes, he was up and talking to people and he was making sure people were eating their vegetables.

I like what he said when he said, "I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere. Thanks for inviting me to dinner."

President Bush’s trip can be summed up as this—we all care about our service men and women and do support you all, but more importantly, America cares.

Our military men and women are far away for the holidays and are truly missing their families this holiday season. That is really hard. I can fully understand, as I was in the Navy in the ’70s and missed my family during the holidays.

In closing, while President Bush was working the crowds a soldier came up to the president and said, "I’m glad you came. Thanks for coming. It’s important for us to know the people of America support us."

I guess that says it all, so may God Bless America and bless and protect our fellow Americans serving our country.

Sincerely yours,

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Little Neck

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