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Has New NYCName
ToThe Editor:

Although firmly opposed to Mr.Vallone’s idea of pursuing secession of New YorkCity from its parent state (first of all. it would never fly with Republicans undoubtedly dead set against two guaranteed new Democratic senate seats), I think I’d have the right name for the new state:New Amsterdam.

I think the city could do worse than carry a reminder of its roots with a name of some history. How’d you like New York, NA?

Very truly yours,

John Vasko


[The state code being recommended, NA, stands for North America.)

Where’s Common Sense?

ToThe Editor:

I am not an economist by any stretch of the imagination, but even I know that by:

a) raising real estate taxes [18.5 percent],

b) raising water and sewer rates 6 percent,

c) doubling parking and traffic fines,

d) raising subway and bus fares 30 percent,

e) raising cigarette taxes and then banning smoking in bars and restaurants,

f) increasing parking meter rates and considering placing tolls on all East River bridge crossings, our businessman mayor and the city council wonder why New York’s economy is not on the road to recovery.


The working people, and Social Security retirees on fixed incomes are being bled dry and have no money to put back into the economy.These elected officials are killing New YorkCity.

Also, protesters are causing police and emergency service workers to babysit them when the police and emergency service workers should be protecting citizens from the real threat of terrorism.

What we need here is some old fashioned common sense.


Anthony J.Arfi

Forest Hills

Via e-mail

Hails Volunteers

ToThe Editor:

You’ve got to love people who love their jobs.They’re the ones always willing to go that extra mile and inspire others to do the same.

In my experience, the people who love their jobs the most are the people who do them simply because they want to, without expecting anything in return, except perhaps an occasional thank you: volunteers. There is no better time than National Volunteer Week (April 27 to May 3) to show appreciation for these very special people.

This year, the 400 volunteers at the Queens Chapter of the American Red Cross have been especially busy. The war inIraq has created a demand for volunteers to help local military families communicate with their loved ones abroad in emergencies. Concerns about homeland security have also inspired Red Cross volunteers to help families prepare for the unexpected through community disaster education.

At the same time, volunteers have continued to provide most of the localRed Cross services our neighbors depend on, from helping families affected by fires, floods and other disasters to teaching classes in first aid,CPR, use of automated defibrillators, disaster preparedness and international humanitarian law, to raising the funds that allow our local Red Cross chapter to provide lifesaving services right here in Queens.

The theme of this year’s National Volunteer Week is "Celebrate Volunteers:The Spirit of America." It recognizes the fact that since the birth of our nation, Americans have set a standard for the world in the generous gift of their time and expertise to improve the lives of others.I would thank the volunteers of the American Red Cross and of the many other local organizations with whom we partner every year for working together to make Queens a safer place for all of us.

William M. Duke, M.D.

Medical Director,

Hillside Manor Comprehensive Care Center and Board Chairman,Queens Chapter, American Red Cross

inGreater New York

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