2003-02-19 / Editorials

Insecurity Looms

To The Editor:

The [President George W. Bush] administration has created confusion and diversion as a result of its handling of the dual threats posed by Iraq and North Korea. Many Americans believe the North Korean threat is imminent, while evidence has failed to demonstrate that Iraq is currently capable of striking the United States.

The Bush Team acts as if it has the moral authority to insist that nations of the world conform to its dictates. The consequences of this notion only ensure an isolated America, standing in defiance of world opinion. Bush defines consensus as agreeing with the point of view advocated by his administration.

When one party to a disagreement believes fervently that it alone holds the moral high ground, compromise is forsaken. To negotiate would be a diminution. It would open the door to degradation of principles and beliefs. Unfortunately, the North Koreans are not willing to adhere to the rules as dictated by Bush, and the Europeans feel compelled to reject the objectives pursued by the administration as to Iraq.

Without question Saddam would fall to American military might. If war comes to the Korean Peninsula, American power will impose a continuation of the stalemate that has persisted since 1953. What Bush’s America has lost is sympathetic allies and the possibility of achieving an enduring peace. The long-term achievement of the Bush policies maybe a state of insecurity with continuing threats to America.

Edward Horn

Atlantic Beach

INS Is IN-ept

To The Editor:

Six months after the horrifying tragedy of 9/11, personnel within the Immigration and Naturalization Service sent visas to several of the dead hijackers who had flown the commandeered planes into the World Trade Center.

No one at INS has been given walking papers for this amazing display of ineptitude. Instead, the INS has become part of the huge Homeland Security Department, whose sheer bureaucratic size will make it even easier to shield future ineptitude, inefficiency or worse.

Meanwhile, the nation’s borders remain virtually wide open to anyone who wishes to enter this nation illegally. Our federal government continues to engage in a multitude of constitutionally unauthorized projects while it shirks the very duties it was created to perform.

Very truly yours,

Janet McCarthy


Cameras Deter Theft

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Mr. Cao


College Point Multiplex Cinema

28-55 Ulmer Street

Flushing, NY 11357

Dear Mr. Cao,

I am writing to you on behalf of your patrons who are concerned about the large number of automobiles being stolen in your parking lot.

The 109th precinct has told me that car thefts would decrease if you installed security cameras in the parking lot. The cameras would also make it easier for the police to catch those responsible for the thefts.

I encourage you to take the precinct’s suggestion seriously and install security cameras as soon as possible. The police, neighbors, and your patrons would appreciate the additional protection.

Please let me know what action you take in this regard.


Tony Avella

City Councilmember

District 19 -- Northeast Queens

Thanks For Tribute

To The Editor:

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciated the story by Jason Benjamin on the naming of P.S. 242 after my husband, Leonard Stavisky [January 15].

The story captured Leonard’s dedication as an advocate for education and his devotion to his constituents. I thank those who wrote letters, those who came to the School Board meeting, those who spoke so eloquently and Community School Board 25 under the leadership of its president, Arlene Fleishman, for this living memorial.


Toby A. Stavisky

State Senator, 16th District


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