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Shop, Celebrate Holidays
At Home In Queens

Shop, Celebrate Holidays
At Home In Queens

It's that time of year when the world falls in love—with whipping out its checkbook and its credit cards and engaging in the delightful task of selecting holiday gifts for its nearest and dearest.

In this high-tech era there are many ways to do one's holiday shopping—by telephone, on line, by mail and the time-honored old reliable—actually setting out on foot or by some form of wheeled transportation to select that special gift for that special someone in person.

We're very much in favor of the option last listed. We're even more in favor of keeping such shopping expeditions in the borough for a number of reasons. In the stores that line the borough's major shopping streets gift items can be found to meet all needs and all tastes. No matter how esoteric the wish list, shopping in the most diverse county in America where all cultures and all nationalities live, work and do business side by side offers the best chance of fulfilling every gift request. What's more, some of the best bargains in hot items, especially those on children's Christmas lists, are to be found in Queens.

There are other merits to shopping in Queens as well. Those who find shopping puts an edge on their appetite can travel the world gastronomically and never leave the borough. In some cases, it's not necessary even to leave a neighborhood to find restaurants serving cuisines from the world over. Not only do Queens restaurants offer more varied menus than many of their counterparts in other boroughs, their prices are considerably kinder to diners' wallets.

Convenient places to take a break are everywhere. Shoppers can get off their feet for a few minutes at conveniently located vest-pocket parks or benches placed on streets by civic improvement groups or local business organizations. And just walking down any shopping street in Queens is enough to put anyone in a holiday mood. Merchants' associations, local chambers of commerce and business improvement districts strive mightily to bring the holiday spirit to vibrant life with lights, music and visits from Santa at which parents can foster yet another family tradition by photographing their children with Saint Nick.

Houses of worship all over the borough hold holiday fairs at which more gift bargains can be found. Concerts and programs take place almost everywhere, performed by everyone from children in elementary school auditoriums to professional organizations such as the Goliard Ensemble, the Queens Symphony Orchestra and the Oratorio Society of Queens. The children are charming and their efforts entirely praiseworthy and the adults can match, and easily surpass, their counterparts elsewhere. What's more, admission to these events won't put a hole in one's wallet, either.

There's every good reason to celebrate this holiday season in Queens, our home borough. At holiday time we find this has truly become the capital of our souls. We wouldn't shop, dine or celebrate anywhere else. We hope you feel the same for the same reasons. Happy holidays!

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