2002-05-15 / Editorials


Let Vendors Bid

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Hon. Michael Bloomberg

Mayor, City of New York

City Hall

New York, NY 10007

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

In this time of fiscal crises our city can generate income by offering to the highest bidder choice sidewalk locations to vendors, especially food vendors, The Department of Parks & Recreation does this and has been successful.

The city can select locations that vendors can bid on. These food vendors would not be chased by police and only be monitored by the Department of Health for cleanliness as they presently do. I have heard of vendors selling locations among themselves. I am certain that vendors would bid high prices for the Wall Street and theater district, just to name a few.

Our city would greatly benefit financially and the vendors would have the security of a location that is theirs for the period of time offered them. I believe the Department of Transportation could be the lead agency in this.

Please let me know how you feel about this suggestion.


George Delis

District Manager

Community Board 1


Classification Not Medal

To The Editor:

Re: "End to Conflict," John Carno, Gazette, May 1, Mr. Carno states, "I was awarded a conscientious objector rating on humanitarian grounds in World War II and now believe that there are just wars, when peace loving people must take up arms to defend liberty."

He has improperly referred to conscientious objector as an award during WW II. Awards during that war were presented to military personnel who earned them, such as the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Navy Cross etc., etc. Mr. Carno received a conscientious objector classification.

Since he has had a reawakening as to a justification of wars after presenting a position that enabled him to avoid military service permit me to present some factual statistics for Mr. Carno and other readers to peruse, particularly as we approach Memorial Day.

World War II–total deaths–405,399

World War II-wounded–670,846

World War II–Prisoners of War/

Missing In Action–78,773

(Source: Veterans of Foreign Wars records.)

Perhaps Mr. Carno and all readers will remember to purchase a poppy from one of our military veterans which memorializes our deceased service personnel with the funds being utilized for the needs of our hospitalized veterans.

Warren Roth


Not At The Ballgame

To The Editor:

This season, every New York Mets baseball home game could spell trouble for the neighborhoods of Northern Queens, especially those in the 104th Precinct which includes Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood and Glendale. Currently there are 149 officers in the precinct–-the lowest total in over a decade. With the heightened security since September 11, the NYPD sends between 65 and 80 officers to Shea Stadium every game. That figure is almost double the amount of officers sent to the stadium prior to 9/11. All of the officers are taken from the precincts within the Patrol Borough Queens North Command which includes the 104th, 108th, 109th, 110th, 111th, 112th, 114th and 115th precincts.

At Shea Stadium most of the officers are posted outside the stadium in the parking lot area either directing traffic or conducting checkpoints. We feels our cops should be patrolling our neighborhood streets and not acting as security guards for the New York Mets. The New York Mets, with their $100 million player payroll, should pick up the tab for the extra security.

Even without Mets home games the 104th Precinct has proven they cannot adequately cover the 7.5 square miles of the precinct with the current manpower. The precinct is frequently backlogged with jobs due to the lack of officers on patrol. The precinct also lags as one of the slowest precincts in the city of New York in responding to crimes in progress.

Recently the NYPD released the allocation of graduates from the Police Academy. To the dismay of civic leaders, the 104th Precinct received only 10 rookie officers, the lowest allocation in Queens County. We have protested the allocation but apparently it has fallen on deaf ears.

The Juniper Park Civic Association together with COMET (Citizens Of Maspeth & Elmhurst Together) and other civic groups is planning a petition campaign to call on Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg to provide adequate manpower for the 104th Precinct and other precincts within Patrol Borough Queens North.

Robert Holden


Juniper Park Civic Association

Domestic Violence

To The Editor:

In regard to Carol Kotsopoulos who was fatally shot, allegedly by her husband Nikolaos at their Manhasset home, I found this very sad: in addition to being shot she also sustained injuries to her face, torso, arms, hands and lower back. Apparently she had been subjected to this abuse for 15 years. I was appalled that no one did anything to intervene in all that time and consider this: she also had two children.

I did some research and found that 1.3 million women annually are assaulted. Every 12 seconds another case of domestic violence occurs, 75 percent of all hostage situations nationwide are directly related to a domestic violence situation. One out of three emergency room visits are for domestic violence injuries, 75 percent of homicides occur as the woman is preparing to leave or after she has left the relationship.

Also in the United States a woman is most likely to be assaulted, raped, beaten, injured or killed by a boyfriend or husband. There is a cancer out there and that is the abuse to women. Let me say this: I feel your pain. What affects one human being affects us all. We must find ways to end this abuse. One way is to get involved, for it could be a neighbor, a friend, a relative or a loved one. Remember, the life you save could be someone you know and love.

In closing, to those who would abuse and disrespect our women, remember this: they are our mothers, daughters and sisters. Remember this also-evil thrives when good men do nothing!

To Carol Kotsopoulos, may your soul finally rest in peace as it did not in life.


Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Little Neck

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