2002-04-10 / Editorials


Seeks Cops For 104th Pct.

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Commissioner Raymond Kelly

New York City Police Department

One Police Plaza

New York, NY 10038

Dear Commissioner Kelly:

This is not an April Fool’s Day joke! Where do we go from here? Under the Safe City-Safe Streets Legislation effective 1990 we were promised, among other things, increased Patrol Officers for our 104th Police Precinct. From then numbering 155 (Patrol Officers not including officers from Sergeants to Captain) to 255, an increase of exactly 100.

Answers to various inquiries facetiously include the officers to our current patrol officers figure in order to justify Police Plaza figures. We currently have about 149 patrol officers which is less than the 1990 patrol personnel. Please do not dispute these figures because we have the statistics to back them up.

Yes we have had a decrease in serious crime figures due to the diligence of our various precinct commanding officers that work under your COMPSTAT program (supervision). But an overlooked fact is that we have had a substantial increase in the number of "jobs" in our precinct (during these past 12 years) including Quality of Life "jobs." Our precinct personnel are doing an excellent job of enforcement under the conditions (limitations).

Now among many other surveillances on our part we have noted specific examples of what is really going on. In the past few years we have had an average of six to eight patrol cars on duty for the late 4 to 12 tour (1600 to midnight). But lately this has changed dramatically where we have only four or five patrol cars on patrol.

On many an evening tour the 911 dispatcher is having trouble keeping the 104th Precinct out of "alert." Two or three jobs are assigned to each sector car and five jobs to car SP-10. Many of these jobs are not visited until after 15 to 30 minutes. Doesn’t this affect "Response Time?"

This is totally irresponsible in this day and age. There is no doubt we need more police in more sector cars. Many times six cars are sitting unused, parked on the sidewalk in front of the precinct.

A precinct commander can only do so much. We need more officers on foot patrol, special parks patrol, community patrol officers (scooters and bicycles included).

What will it take to receive at least 35 more police in this precinct? Too many are assigned to specific special assignments from One Police Plaza on down.

The usual replies (rhetoric) do not make us any more comfortable. What we need is bodies, not promises. Each graduating class gives us a nominal group of officers which last only a few weeks (you know why) before we are back to the previous numbers. It is not easy to describe a specific tour. Do you think you can give us a satisfactory answer to our inquiry? We have reached a point where diplomacy is useless!


Vito F. Maranzano

P.S. I’m not trying to impress you. I am President of Glendale Property Owners’ Association, and a member of Community Board 5, the Glendale Civilian Observation Patrol, and various other organizations.

Wants Seawall Repair

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Commissioner Adrian Benepe

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

The Arsenal

Central Park

New York, NY 10021

Dear Commissioner Benepe:

I have recently been informed by my colleague, Councilman Eric Gioia, of the deterioration of the Queensbridge seawall located with Queensbridge Park in Long Island City. I have enclosed a copy of Councilman Gioia’s letter for your review.

This seawall is within Queensbridge Park, located at the East River and Vernon Boulevard and is currently fenced off. It presents a dangerous situation for children who utilize the park. Queensbridge Park is a valuable resource for both children and residents in the Long Island City neighborhood. While I understand that the restoration of this seawall would be quite expensive, I believe this project needs to be scheduled immediately.

It is my hope that we can work together with your office to have the seawall repaired and the entire park open to the public once again. I would be happy to discuss this matter further with you if need be and can be reached at (718) 456-9492. Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


Catherine Nolan

37th Assembly District, Queens

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