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By Teresa Barileshi Offers Exquisite Japanese Cuisine

For anyone looking for fresh, expertly prepared sushi and rolls as well as fine Japanese cooked dishes, then Ariyoshi Japanese restaurant is a must. In its 11 years in business, Ariyoshi has developed a diverse menu which includes over two dozen types of sushi, sashimi and rolls, a wide range of fresh cooked fish and chicken, pork and noodle dishes. No wonder Ariyoshi enjoys a steady clientele, many of whom come several times a week for healthy, high-protein, low-fat Japanese cuisine.

Though it’s located on bustling Queens Boulevard, Ariyoshi has a peaceful, cozy interior that will help diners relax from the stress of the day. A variety of sake, red and white wines and beer will also help take the edge off a busy day. Hiroshi Hatazaki, the gracious host, oversees all aspects of the operation to ensure a pleasant dining experience. He also insists on absolute cleanliness and is always refurbishing and maintaining the dining rooms, kitchen and facade.

Start with one of their hot appetizers such as ebi gyoza, a steamed plump shrimp dumpling served with a delicate dipping sauce. Ika maru was my favorite; grilled whole squid with a fragrant ginger sauce ($5). Fried corn croquettes are light and crispy, as are the breaded scallops. Sunomono, mixed seafood with vinegar sauce, is quite tasty. Beef negimaki, a strip of beef wrapped with scallion, and Yaki tori, skewered chicken strips grilled with a special sauce ($4). The house salad topped with Ariyoshi's own dressing, is so popular, it's now available for purchase.

The beautiful, expertly prepared sushi and rolls are works of art. Hatazaki has created some unique, eye-dazzling creations that have become very popular, such as a roll called "Sunnyside." Fresh salmon, yellowtail tuna, cucumber and avocado are wrapped in rice and topped with crunchy tempura flakes for a truly unique, multi-textural taste treat. This is one of the most popular rolls and at only $6 for six pieces, it's also a bargain. I loved the Cajun roll with spicy tuna, especially when I dipped the delicate rolls into a mixture of sinus-clearing wasabe and soy sauce. Six pieces of this delightful roll cost just $3.75. Spider rolls are filled with crispy, deep-fried, soft-shell crab and are wrapped in seaweed, creating a beautiful presentation.

Arisyoshi has a wonderful array of hot dishes as well. Each and every day, 10 kinds of fresh fish are offered, each prepared in a delectable sauce. Try the Chilean sea bass, sautéed with tiny mushrooms and a delicate vinegar sauce ($13). Barbecued sea trout with teriyaki sauce is light and flavorful, while the Norwegian mackerel is deep fried and topped with Japanese radish sauce ($11). Fresh and flaky big-eye tuna is cooked with a ginger radish sauce for just $12.50. Teppan seafood is a sampling of fish, shrimp, squid and scallops on a hot plate for just $12.50. All these dinners come with delicious salad and white rice. You really can't beat the prices at Ariyoshi. No wonder people come back several times a month. With so many choices, diners can try something new each visit.

I really enjoyed the spicy chicken teriyaki for its tenderness and flavor ($8.25). Pork or beef teriyaki are also available as well as traditional tempura with deep fried shrimp and vegetables.

Stop in at lunch for a quick, healthy combo of chicken teriyaki, and four pieces of California roll for just $6. Sushi and California roll combos are quite popular, as is the sushi and Udon noodle soup combination, and all lunch combos come with salad.

Ariyoshi can also accommodate private parties in the newly decorated dining room for up to 40 people. Choose from a buffet, lunch or dinner and leave the rest to the expert staff.

In Japanese, Ariyoshi means "luck comes" and lucky you are when you eat fine Japanese cuisine at Ariyoshi. Visit soon for lunch or dinner. The food is great, the prices are low and the service is quick and efficient.

Ariyoshi is open seven days a week. Monday through Friday, they are open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for lunch and from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. for dinner. Weekends they are open for dinner only. Credit cards are accepted. Free delivery is available in the vicinity of the restaurant.


41-13 Queens Blvd.



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