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Heroes Are Low Key

To The Editor:

I applaud the Gazette for the marvelous job they have been doing in reporting the news and providing us with a meaningful insight into the tragic September 11 events.

A word of recognition must be given to our heroes. These are not our high priced ball players, but the ordinary men and women, who employed all of their abilities in rescuing perfect strangers, feeding the hungry, counseling the downtrodden and clearing the debris of Ground Zero. These people gave of themselves, with listening ears, helping hands and discerning hearts, and they have, along with our other citizens of this great land of ours, united us with the tie of loving kindness that will bind us together, all members of one loving human family. The Prayer Service that was conducted at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, the 23rd was indeed the epitome of deep love, brotherhood and sisterhood and where the one universal loving God was watching over us, as we engaged in meaningful prayer. This tragic situation has brought out the good, the beautiful and caring of all human beings, in addition to a strong sense of patriotism. We shall overcome as a nation and as a people, with our flag flying regally in skies that are radinatly sunny as white doves of peace fly, proclaiming everlasting peace and tranquility.

Cynthia Groopman

Long Island City

Salutes Firefighters

To The Editor:

For 50 years, firefighters have been particular heroes of mine, both because of their tremendous fund-raising efforts for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and for the bravery they exhibit every time they’re called upon.

We’ve all seen this remarkable courage and self-sacrifice in action in the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. MDA salutes the firefighters, and law enforcement and other emergency personnel who’ve responded so heroically to this unspeakable tragedy, many at the cost of their own lives.

I urge all Americans to rally to the support of these lifesaving heroes during this time, in whatever way they see fit. One means would be to contribute to the New York Fire 9-11 Relief Fund, established by the International Association of Firefighters to provide financial assistance to families of fallen firefighters and EMS personnel. Send donations to:

New York Firefighters

9-11 Disaster Relief Fund

Attention: IAFF General


1750 New York Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20006

Our emergency forces have given their all for us, time and again. Now it’s time for us to provide them with help and hope.

On behalf of MDA, I extend deepest condolences to all those who’ve lost loved ones, and prayers for those who’ve suffered grievous injuries in the terrorist attacks.

God bless America as we join hands in strength and hope in these difficult days.


Jerry Lewis

National Chairman

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Hails Fallen

To The Editor:

Like all Americans we were stunned and horrified by the tragic events of September 11. We share in our friends’ and neighbors’ shock, grief and concern for the future.

We are infinitely grateful to the fallen police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Our admiration and gratitude for the New Yorkers and others who continue to search the World Trade Center site grows with each bucket of debris they remove from the site.

We urge our neighbors to show understanding and compassion, and hope all of us can refrain from placing blame based on religious, national and cultural grounds.

The Forest Hills Community House is a hub for community activity and discussion for Queens residents. Our mission to foster inter-group relations and build a strong community while providing programs and services is more important than ever.

We want all our friends and neighbors to know that the Community House can offer assistance through our varied programs serving families, children and seniors. Call us at (718) 592-5757.

Yours truly,

Lewis Harris

Executive Director

Thanks Neighbors

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Engine Company 307

Ladder Company 154

New York City Fire Department

81-19 Northern Blvd

Jackson Heights, New York 11372

Sept. 23, 2001

Dear Community Members:

Upon entry to the NYC Fire Department, we all take an oath of office. That oath requires you to swear that you will give your life, if necessary, to save the lives and property of the people of the City of New York. In the brotherhood of the NYC Fire Department, race, religion, sex and cultural differences do not matter. Each man would willingly give his life for the man next to him. That willingness extends to the people of this community, as each of us stands ready to make that same sacrifice for each of you.

On September 11, our brotherhood faced the most severe tragedy in our department’s history. We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences and our prayers to all of you who have also lost loved ones as a result of this unfortunate tragedy. We would also like to thank the people of the Jackson Heights community for coming to our aid during our darkest hour. The outpouring of support from the people of this community has touched us in a deep and profound way. The prayer vigils, songs, flowers, donations and personal expressions of support and love have lifted our spirits and kept us strong. We have no words that can adequately thank you for all you have done.

While our family of firefighters has taken a tremendous loss, we feel our family has actually grown. We have always been honored to serve this community of decent and hard working people, but have not always been able to get to know you as well as we would like. Through this terrible tragedy, we were introduced to you as a community and as individuals. We really liked what we saw, and who we met. We now count all of you as members of our family. May the family stay united through the troubled times ahead. We love you and God bless Jackson Heights and the United States of America.

With Love and Thanks,

The Members of Engine Company 307 and Ladder Company 154

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