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Applauds Armenians

To The Editor:

For a Greek it was a death penalty, to speak Greek or to go to church, for 450 years under the Turks, so I applaud the Armenian who wrote about the Turkish massacre of Armenians, in 1915 and 1923. I firmly believe that it is a disgrace that President (Bill) Clinton halted the congressional recognition of Armenian Genocide.

My mother was born in Constantinopole. When she was four years old, Turks kidnapped her and if it wasn’t for a Greek Orthodox priest and Greek villagers rescuing her she would have been brought up as a Turk.

In 1974, the Turks attacked Cyprus and slaughtered, raped Greek Cypriots and occupied 40 percent of the island. My father was born in Cyprus.

I implore all Greeks to write or call their Congressman to vote and pass resolution H. Res. 596, which recognizes the slaughter of Armenians in 1915.

Tell President Clinton to remove his opposition to this bill. This is more of a blight on his behavior, than his moral decline.


Athan J. Christodoulou


School Board Council Formed

To The Editor:

The Community School Boards of Districts 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 are pleased to announce the formation of the Queens Council of Community School Boards. This council has been organized for the purpose of improving the quality of education for the students of Queens County.

On November 20, 2000, the Council elected the following officers: Chairperson, Sharon Maurer, Community School Board 26, Vice Chairperson, Nathan Washington, Community School Board 29, Secretary, Louise Emanuel, Community School Board 24.

As school board members we are the only duly elected officials responsible for educational policies, an integral part of our local communities and a critical segment of the checks and balances inherent in decentralization. We are uniquely qualified to bring together diverse constituencies, both in the school community and the community at large.

The Queens Council of Community School Boards’ objective is to provide a forum for boards to work together on behalf of our children by utilizing each others’ abilities and skills, improving communication, strengthening the voice of the community and advocating on behalf of children. Our unity demonstrates our commitment to effectively educate all students and provide them with a brighter future.

On Behalf of the Council

Sharon Maurer


Defend The Constitution

To The Editor:

It is now clear to me and many others in Congress that the continuing attempts by Al Gore to manipulate the electoral process in Florida are creating a national crisis.

It is also clear that the single best hope for averting this crisis is for the American people to step forward once again to defend our Constitution. If the political situation continues to deteriorate, the stability and the future of our nation may soon be at stake.

If you share our concern, I urge you to take the following actions immediately:

E-mail a letter to the news media and urge them to take an editorial position calling on Al Gore to withdraw with honor. You can send an e-mail on to your local newspaper, TV and radio stations through http://www.patriotlist.com.

Express your support for Governor George W. Bush in this crisis by signing the "Support Bush/Cheney Petition" found at http://www.thenewsforum.com/supportbush. (This site protects your e-privacy by forwarding only your name and zip code, not your e-mail address.)

Rarely has there been such a critical need. Never have we Americans had such an easy way to come to the defense of our country.

Please act now! It is that important. Thank you!

Congressmember Chris Cannon

Voters Have Spoken

A copy of the following letter was received by the Gazette.

Dear Fox and Friends:

Your news casting at Fox is a breath of fresh air to all of us who had to listen to the liberal media creating the news instead of reporting the news.

I am a registered Republican, however, I had to change my registration from an Independent in order to vote in the Republican primary.

It is my understanding that the Florida voting rules were mailed to all residents and [the rules were] also explained at the voting stations. One rule for key punch ballots was to punch the card and then review the card before putting it into the ballot box. Also, the voter had the opportunity to ask for a new ballot form if they made an error on the first ballot form.

I cannot imagine that if the rules were followed how thousands of people are in need of a committee to determine their intent of who they had wished to vote for. Their is no doubt in my mind that the machine counts are the most unbiased and should stand as a final count.

I have not heard the liberal media bring out to the public that every vote cast was looked at by the voter and that this was the definite intent of the voter. Kindly let me know if I am mistaken about this rule. If I am not mistaken, kindly let the American people know about it. This will calm the fears of those who feel that the votes of the American people were not counted properly.

It seems that the favorite pastime has switched from the biased rewriting of our American History for the past 40 years to rewriting our American laws to gratify the needs of those who feel that they are above the law.

Therefore, in my opinion, Al Gore should concede the election to George W. Bush and then prepare himself for the next presidential election in four years.

Should he persist in his challenge he will be doomed as a future president.

Thank you for your attention.

Diego A. Lodico


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