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Gazette's Own Op-Ed

Op-Ed (Opposite Editorial Page) items reflect the opinion of the writer, and not necessarily those of the Gazette. As a public service, it is our policy to present the views of any candidate for public office who wishes to present them, however vehemently we may disagree. The public at large is entitled to evaluate the significance of the positions taken by those whom they may elect to serve them in office, and it is our responsibility to present our readers with as much information on their potential elected officials as possible.

We published one such Op-Ed piece by Joyce Shepard, a candidate for City Council, in the August 16, 2000 edition of this newspaper. We disagree strongly with the opinions she expressed, especially in regard to public servants with long and meritorious records, including state Senator Toby Stavisky, the late state Senator Leonard Stavisky and Congressmember Joseph Crowley, and community activists Barbara Jobo, Tony Avella, also a candidate for City Council, and Philip Konigsberg, a member of Community Board 7. We also disagree strongly with Ms. Shephard's expressed opinions of the Cord Meyer organization and the Bay Terrace shopping mall, feeling as we do, that Cord Meyer has been in the forefront of positive development in Queens for many decades, in particular in Woodside and Forest Hills. Cord Meyer's exemplary Bay Terrace is one of the finest shopping malls of its kind in New York City. It would be of benefit to the community if Bay Terrace is expanded.

We feel that any candidate wishing to run a positive campaign should focus on legitimate issues that concern the community he or she wishes to serve and avoid delving into personalities and using a platform only to voice pet peeves and fantasies

—Tony Barsamian, Publisher

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