1999-08-25 / Editorials



By Rev. Austin H. Armitstead With DDW

This week’s question:

What interesting things can you find by using your computer


Natiarishia Mejia


It’s great for kids to learn about math, reading and writing and adults to learn to use the internet, meet people and communicate with family and friends all over the world."

John Ontibero

"I can find information about my favorite artists, news, new friends and find things I want to buy—and cheap."

rose Londono

"The computer has made it possible for even the most shy person to communicate via the internet—for business and pleasure, anything from simple conversation to trading stocks and bonds."

Floyd Carmichael

"I would use my computer to research my family history as well as look up subjects that interest me."

Donna Hartmann

"One of the most interesting things I’ve experienced is that I can get directions from my home to any place in the country. This means I get maps and all kinds of necessary information."

Theresa DiSalvo

"All kinds of wonderful information is available for adults, youth and children, like the details of the encyclopedia that would be found in the library or a purchased set."

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