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Arlington Road

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Rating: 3 1/2 Neighbors

By edward j. urbanowski

Ever wonder about your neighbors? In the wake of Littleton, Colorado, are we looking at those folks next door a little differently? Can they be building bombs in their basement? "Arlington Road" is topical, maybe too topical. After the Littleton tragedy, the release date for this film had to be postponed.

"Arlington Road" is a top notch thriller featuring excellent performances, direction and writing. Suburban paranoia is brilliantly depicted with unsettling results.

Jeff Bridges is Michael Faraday, a widower who is awakened from self-imposed isolation when he helps a wounded boy on the street. The boy, hurt while playing with explosives, turns out to be his next door neighbor. Faraday makes a tenuous connection with the boy’s parents, Oliver and Cheryl Lang (Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack). As Faraday grows closer to Oliver, he begins to suspect him of being part of a terrorist group (engineer’s drawings and measured responses among other things and begins to tip him off).

Bridges, as always, is superb. Robbins brings intensity to his role and Cusack is effective as Cheryl. Director Mark Pellington paces the film perfectly to the thrilling finale. This is a movie that leaves you with more questions than answers.


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